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Doctor’s Ultimate Liquid Glucosamine

Doctor’s Ultimate Liquid Glucosamine has been carefully researched exclusively by medical doctors and it is formulated to be the optimum strength to help rebuild cartilage and to eliminate joint inflammation and pain.  It should help you to use your affected joints without pain and allow you to maintain flexibility.

The therapeutic benefits of Doctor’s Ultimate Liquid Glucosamine has been repeatedly proven by the hundreds of testimonies of our customers.  Research has shown that it is the exact formula, strength, and dosage needed to help rebuild cartilage.  Furthermore, Doctor’s Ultimate is a liquid and therefore it is more readily absorbed and utilized by the body than tablets, capsules, or gels.  A person would have to take 4 or 5 (1000 MG) tablets or capsules of glucosamine sulfate to equal 1 Tablespoon of (2500 MG) Doctor’s Ultimate.  Doctor’s Ultimate Liquid Glucosamine has the largest concentration (2500 MG) of glucosamine in America.  This is very important because doctors recommend that a person take more than 2300 MG per day.

Results May Vary

Joint pain may disappear within the first few days or take up to three months to disappear.  Do not be discouraged if your pain has not disappeared after the first month; continue taking the liquid glucosamine every day and you should get results within three months.  IMPORTANT:  Take one measuring tablespoon each day mixed with any beverage (coffee, tea, milk, coke, orange juice, etc.).  NOTE: One measuring tablespoon is equal to one-half fluid once.


Take the glucosamine every day.  Your body no longer produces the necessary amount o glucosamine, therefore, you should continue to take Doctor’s Ultimate Liquid Glucosamine permanently for pain relief and to prevent further inflammation and joint damage.

Doctors recommend that anyone who does repetitive movements (such as joggers, carpenters, plumbers, golfers, tennis players, computer operators, truck drivers, typist, etc.) should take Doctor’s Ultimate as a daily preventative.

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