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Aspartame – Friend or Foe

Aspartame (also known as Equal, Nutrasweet, Canderel, Spoonful, Equal Measure) was discovered by accident in 1965 by Dr. James Schlatter, chemist for G. D. Searie, while testing an ulcer drug.  It was approved for use in 1981.  It is made up of three chemicals – aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol.  Aspartate and glutamate act as neurotransmitters to bring information from one nerve to the next.  When too much aspartate gets into the cells it begins killing nerve cells.  The cells are literally “excited to death.”  The large majority (75%) of neural cells in a particular area of the brain are killed before any clinical symptoms of a chronic illness are noticed.

Possible long term side effects of aspartame

Brain tumors Brain cancer
Uterine polyps Seizures and convulsions
Arthritic and joint pain Chronic fatigue
Depression Memory loss, vision damage and loss
Tingling in the extremities Slurring of speech
Irritability Severe anxiety attacks
Menstrual problems Blood sugar control problems
Parkinson’s tremors Vision problems

Aspartame sources

Instant breakfasts Multi-vitamins
Breath mints Milk drinks
Cereals Pharmaceuticals
Sugar-free chewing gum Shake mixes
Cocoa mixes Soft drinks
Frozen desserts Tabletop sweeteners
Gelatin desserts Tea beverages
Juice beverages Wine coolers
Laxatives Yogurt

Natural Options for sweeteners

Evaporated cane juice Stevia
Fruit juice Rice syrup
Honey Licorice root
Maple syrup Agave nectar
Molasses Suncanat

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